Baltimore Trendsetter and Hip Hop Artist GGL Slick is vastly becoming one of the top artists in Baltimore. He’s as authentic as it gets in terms of really speaking what he lived on wax. Slick has a very versatile and catchy rhyme scheme that fits well with his unique voice. Slick is sort of a late bloomer, coming from the streets to rap. In his own words “it was a different time and culture” during his teenage years growing up in the tough streets of Baltimore. Although Slick has been toying with rap since he was about 7 years old, he didn’t feel it was cool to be a rapper back then, because he was actually living the street life that rappers talk about. A few years ago, Slick released a song with his fellow GGL label mate Skeeno, and heavyweight Baltimore MC Young Moose titled “Master P”. This song was one of the many that sprung his career forward in Baltimore, and it also caught the attention of Hip Hop Legend Percy “Master P” Miller, and led to Slick having a meeting with the No Limit Records Owner. Slick continued to apply the pressure on his competition by releasing several more dope catchy tunes, including the street hit “Sauce Drill”. Baltimore y’all got one! GGL Slick has the Sauce and Street Credit to rep his city on the global hip hop scale. Check out our exclusive Next2Blow Interview With GGL Slick