Jenni Dimepeace – Jenni F*ckin D

Born to the world initially as Diamond Smith, Jenni Dimepiece is new to the music industry. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Jenni has been pursuing music for around a year now. Growing up Jenni was a girl who knew she wanted to be star but was unsure of her niche. Her attitude, however, was that no matter what is was she is destined to be great at it. Her childhood was surrounded by supportive family that would encourage her that she could be anything that she wanted. As a result, she found her early audience in many of her relatives.

Jenni used to stay up all hours of the night freestyling to industry beats with her sister. Between that and the influence of her aunt, these events helped her to grow into a young woman who is not afraid to be herself. Jenni also shares a huge passion for the Black Lives Matter movement and feels there are issues that should be addressed publicly. Ultimately, she wants just about what everybody wants; to take care of her family while doing what she loves to do.

As an artist from Baltimore, Jenni has and continues to face a lot of adversity. Attempting to break away from what is considered the norm can be a suffocating feeling in the streets of Bmore. Jenni released a mixtape entitled “Nineteen” that embodies everything she is. It’s upbeat and sassy with a small dose of raw and sexy. She credits her music influence to many artists including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Kanye West, Lady Gaga and others. She longs to be apart of placing the soul back into the music we listen to everyday. And for the communities she grew up knowing and loving, she just wants to give back and support it’s upcoming artists.